iPad 2 3 4 360 Degree Privacy Screen Protection

Wireconi iPad Privacy FilterSometimes what-ever you are doing on your iPad, you want to know that YOU are the only one seeing the content. With a Wireconi 360 degree privacy screen protector, you can only view the screen if you are looking directly at it.

So, should anyone be near you and passes a glance across, you know only you can see the content.

Now it may seem a little extreme for most iPad users, but for those in a commercially sensitive environment, if the data you enter or the information displayed needs to stay for ‘your eyes only’, then this is the screen filter for you. Perhaps you are in a retail environment and have to enter customer information or on a trade stand? You know you have a duty of care, when it comes to your customers information, then once again this is the iPad privacy screen protector for you.





It comes with the added benefit of being easy to apply and scratch resistant too. So it also helps protect the iPad’s display from harsh use, perhaps in a commercial environment. Some iPad privacy filters only protect the screen content from say Landscape or Portrait modes. What is the point in that if you intend to use the iPad where it can be seen or tilted in all angles? The Wireconi 360 degree privacy screen filter protects you on ALL angles.


  • Use your iPad as normal, but with the added ‘any angle’ viewing protection.
  • 360 Degree Protection, so Landscape and Portrait modes are both protected from view.
  • A dry straightforward application
  • A bubble free installation with application tabs
  • Keep your screen content away from prying eyes!
  • Provides a Scratch Resistant Surface for your iPad
  • Made from high quality polyester

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPad 2 (with 30 Pin Connector)
  • Apple iPad 3 (iPad with Lightning Connector)
  • Apple iPad 4 (iPad with Retina display and Lightning Connector)(Not Suitable for iPad Mini or iPad Air)
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