Our HDMI Cables now available at Amazon

We are pleased to announce that our Blue Series of High Speed HDMI Cables are now available at Amazon.co.uk.

HDMI Cable Lengths starting from 50cm you can now benefit from sourcing and buying the Wireconi HDMI Cables from them.

View the Wireconi Blue Series of HDMI Cables at Amazon today.

Wireconi available at Amazon

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Coloured Audio Cables for your Mobile?

We have now a colourful addition to our audio cable range. A selection of 3.5mm stereo audio cables (male to male) that are available in various colours. Ideal for those who want to express themselves with a splash of colour on their music devices or wish to get a cable colour to match their new mobile phone.

Take the new Apple iPhone 5C for example. Now available in a range of colours, so now you can get an aux cable to match.

These cables are also designed with mobile cases and bumper cases in mind. Due to the small head, you can leave your cases on and keep your mobile connected at the same time. No more removing a case, just so you can connect it to your car stereo or speakers!

Wireconi Audio Colours Range of Audio Cables

Available Colours:

  • Red       1m 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable – Wireconi Part #: WC200101-SM-RD
  • Yellow  1m 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable – Wireconi Part #: WC200101-SM-YW
  • Green   1m 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable – Wireconi Part #: WC200101-SM-GN
  • Blue      1m 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable – Wireconi Part #: WC200101-SM-BL
  • White   1m 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable – Wireconi Part #: WC200101-SM-WT
  • Black    1m 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable – Wireconi Part #: WC200101-SM-BK

Please visit our Where to Buy Page for details of a Wireconi stockist.

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Introducing Wireconi

In a world full of technology, gadgets, displays and gizmos, the strive to go Wireless is clear. However the need for a secure and high quality cable connection shows no slowing down either.

You just know where you are when you have a cable connected! Cables offer the method to which your tech can talk, communicate and power between devices. Wireconi want you to enjoy and continue to use your equipment, without breaking the bank balance on expensive and over packaged cables.

You know the packaging where you might just loose a thumb or finger, while trying to prize open the packet? Its stops right here and now. With the costs and environmental pollution that some over the top packaging offers, we are taking things back to basics. We think its only fair on the planet and your fingers. Wireconi Cables are supplied either poly bagged or even naked, yes we said it, naked. Just look out for the yellow Wireconi strap to know you have a quality cable from us.

So, look out for the Wireconi range of quality cables coming to your favourite online cable stockists any time soon. Follow us on the usual Social Networks for product updates too.

Wireconi Yellow Label

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