About Wireconi

Wireconi, specialists in quality cables and accessories.

Here at Wireconi, we offer a select range of outstanding value and quality products that we want you to enjoy. Our select cables we know you can rely on and trust to keep your equipment, powered, charged and connected. We don’t want you to pay over the top and break your bank either, but get a product you can trust. With a Warranty we want you to be rest assured with, we will stand by our products and support you from here in the UK.

Our products are sourced globally and available for sale in the UK at present. Visit our Where to Buy page for a stockist today.


Keeping the product packaging to a minimum is also a priority to us. We don’t want you to loose a finger, trying to get into a package. Packaging that looks fantastic on a retail shelf, but needs a sharp blade to open? Nope, not with Wireconi.

At our most basic level, you will get the yellow label. The cable strip that tells you you got a Wireconi. What more do you need to know?


Wireconi Yellow Label

Lookout for the Wireconi Yellow Label…


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